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After chatting with him and Biff, Monica might want to speak with the investor and Biff. First, Monica has to speak with six visitors and then give an interview to the reporters. The next evening, Monica comes to Biff’s workplace and he sends her to vary clothes. Monica goes to the picture studio, talks to Alex, modifications, and returns to Biff’s workplace.

After raising the connection stage with Julia up to 4, Monica will be capable of give her a therapeutic massage and attempt to find out the color of her panties again. The subsequent day, Monica involves the office to understand Julia isn’t there. Monica remembers about her date and goes to the ‘Julia’s house’ location, near the slums. Following the scene the place Greta and John try to learn Julia’s panties’ color, Monica comes to the office and talks to Julia.

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After speaking to Fred, Monica makes another attempt to finish this task (choose the next menu merchandise in a relationship with Julia). After one other attempt by Monica to find out the color of Julia’s panties, Fred catches Monica within the dressing room once more and asks how his request is progressing. After every week has passed since the “Queen of Hearts” photoshoot, if Monica comes to Biff and asks for a job, he’ll tell her that she needs to carry yet one more presentation for the buyers. After finishing the public occasion and the “Queen of Hearts” photograph shoot, Melanie will come to Monica after work, offering her to show Victoria a lesson.

If Monica visits Biff, after a week has passed after the investor presentation and asks about work, Biff will tell her they’re going to a celebration, organized by one of many investors, tomorrow. The day after that, Monica will come to Biff and hold a presentation.

After ending the “Queen of Hearts” photograph shoot, and after a week passes, Monica will notice her subordinates trying at the new magazine problem. After Monica agrees to take part in the photoshoot, she returns to the studio and works in the presence of the investor. You can get Monica this job again if you return to Biff and agree to participate within the shoot (320 corruption needed).

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If Monica has a good relationship with Melanie and is respectable, then Melanie will agree to help Monica for nothing. In one other case, Monica should cross the casting with Melanie. After the photograph session of Monica with Melanie go to the makeup room (the doorway appears in the picture studio). After Monica decides to ask Melanie for help (Dick and Victoria storyline), Monica finds Melanie in a photo studio within the afternoon.

It is another method of earning money for Victoria. Steve didn’t switch the cash and Monica needs to kick Steve’s ass… But she wants a proper costume to visit Steve. On that day you can get all the scenes throughout going around the house. After the Steve+Betty scene, you need to fall asleep.

Monica might want to promote a costume she returned in Ep 1. As a reward, Vivian will give Monica the gown she wished to steal. After closing this contract Monica will get a dinner certificates in the restaurant within the Hotel Le Grand. Then Monica could have an option to “make offers” with Steve.

On the subsequent day, Biff will tell Monica to take part in a presentation. Biff will make Monica attempt on his secretary’s clothes and can inform Monica to return back tomorrow. After speaking with Monica, Melanie will go and speak with Biff. Biff will inform her that she must do a photo shoot.

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