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If Monica agreed, then she should find a quiet place to do she was requested. The place is a blind alley with a pole between the hostel and the soiled street. After the charity night quest will be completed and Monica will have to make money for Victoria purchasing, Monica will be offended by the yellow man on the road and rescued from it. Monica will want to say thanks to her rescuer, but the savior will want something more interesting from Monica. If Monica desires to eat and don’t have money, then she shall be supplied to ship flyers to folks.

Monica will be capable of earn cash once more if she apologizes to Molly. Monica can comply with do it (corruption stage four hundred required) or refuse.

If Monica doesn’t give the information, Ashley will prohibit her from working. Monica can begin a waitress profession within the Shiny Hole. In order to increase it, Monica wants to clean the dishes and allow Joe or Ashly to the touch her. If he refuses Monica will get a capability to indicate boobs to other clients. One of the “prospects” on the Poor Street will ask Monica to flash her boobs for 50$.

You have to return to Monica’s house and get the plug. Monica will be capable of get into the police station after that. After a week has handed from her final visit to the police, Monica can return to the police to see Marcus.

After Joe tells Monica that she became well-liked and offers her to do personal dances for shoppers, Molly will get actually mad at her. If you press the identical arrows in a row, or if the identical arrow was pressed last time with the identical motion, the group in the pub are outraged. In this case, the level of pleasure of the audience falls (the bar on the left on the display screen) and the tips decreases.

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Monica must deliver all of the flyers to earn full kebab. If Monica can’t do it, she will receive solely half of kebab and upset about this. During these 5 days, Monica will be periodically known as up to Marcus for coaching. While in the cell, you possibly can sleep or shake the cell bars.

Ashley will agree not to hang the poster if Monica convinces Claire to come back to a personal dance for Mr. Berkelbauch. After Molly forgives you and if you’ve already accomplished the “Queen of Hearts” photoshoot, Monica will enter Shiny Hole one day to discover Ashley and Joe hanging a poster together with her journal’s cover. To earn Molly’s forgiveness, Monica will have to get completely naked on stage. When Ashley sees Monica steal the ideas, she’ll make Monica give up all of her earnings.

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If Victoria has already been in Monica’s workplace, after a couple of days have passed, Monica will find her within the breakroom, ingesting tea with Julia. After a day has passed since a photoshoot in Melanie’s home, if Monica involves the office during the working week by day, she’ll meet Victoria. From now, Monica should earn $ 5000 for Victoria each week till Friday.

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