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If Victoria has already been in Monica’s office, after a couple of days have passed, Monica will discover her in the breakroom, consuming tea with Julia. After a day has passed since a photoshoot in Melanie’s home, if Monica comes to the office during the working week by day, she’ll meet Victoria. From now, Monica must earn $ 5000 for Victoria every week until Friday.

After Marcus calls Monica into the interrogation room, she needs to persuade him to not send her to Farm 218. To do that, Monica must fulfill a small request of Marcus.

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If Monica asks to move a prisoner to her cell, you’ll need to work together with him too (by clicking on him). Before coming into the police station, Monica will remember she needs to seize her anal plug from home.

  • This coverage turned much less related after the details of the CARES Act emerged.
  • ↵¶¶An actual welfare analysis is beyond the scope of this paper.
  • However, the corporations were not significantly confident about their answers.
  • NAS member Dalton Conley explains how the Vietnam War draft lotteries are a pure experiment for finding out how navy service affects life outcomes.
  • ↵‡‡Because there was significant coverage uncertainty at the time of the survey, one-third of respondents had been also asked about a potential policy that targeted on aid that would solely be used for payroll.

Monica needs to have no less than 20 dollars to go on a date. After Monica offers a massage to Julia, after the morning kiss and through the day Julia will nonetheless give massages to Monica.

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You have to return to Monica’s residence and get the plug. Monica will be able to get into the police station after that. After per week has handed from her last visit to the police, Monica can return to the police to see Marcus.

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